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Advantages of Continuous Delivery

The first benefit one can get from the Continuous Delivery is the fact that it needs smaller code changes. One of those technical beenfits one can get from the continuous delivery is the fact that this can allow you to be able to integrate those small pirces of the code at a single time. The code changes are actually simple and at the same time easy to be able to handle than those huge chunks of code and this can have fewr issues that can require to be be repaired in the later time.

The use of the continuous testing, these small piece can be able to be tested the sooner they can be integrated into the repository code, therefore can allow the developers to easily recognize the problems prior for the work to be completed right afterwards. It can indeed work well especially for the larger development teams who are working in a remote area as well as those in the in-house as th communication right between the team members wil indeed be very challenging.

The fault isolatio can be refered to the practice of the designing system so that when the error can come, the negative result can be limited intothe scope. Limitation of the scope of those problems reduce the potential for the damage and can make the system a lot easier to be maintained.

Designing for the conituous delivery can help ensure that the fault isolation is actually fast to detect and very easy to implement.

The third one is that it has faster MTTR or the mean time to resolution which measures the maintainability of the repairable features and then sets the average time to be able to repair the broken feature. To be able to recover from the failure, then make sure to use the MTTR to track the total amount of the time be spent.

The good thing is that the CD or Continuous Delivery can reduce or decrease the MTTR since the code changes are being small and the fault isolations can be very easy to get detected. One of the very important business risk assurance is to be able to keep the failures to the minimum level and to quickly recover from any of the failures that can happen. It can be a great way to have the application monitoring tools so that it can find and to fix out those failures while at the same time log into the problems to be able to notice out the trends in a fast way.

The good thing with CD is that it has faster release rate. There will be an increased release rate if the failures are detected faster and can be repaired faster which can be attributed to the CD. But, the frequent release can be only possible if ever the code is being developed in the continuous manner or system.

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