Looking for the best workshop tables on the market?

Looking for the best workshop tables on the market. Do you want to buy them at a reasonable price and in doing so have the workshop furniture that will withstand the burden of heavy plants? We are confident of our manufacturers and our certainty is evidenced by an extended warranty for up to seven years.

Here you will find both workshop desks for professionals such as tables GL1000 and BL1000, tables and pons with the designation Hobby for DIY. With us you can arrange both large establishments with welded, packing, assembly tables and small workshops, where the variability of tables plays an important role due to smaller space.
High standard of both products and services of the supplier

Our workshop desks can guarantee long-lasting durability thanks to selected manufacturing materials, procedures and excellent surface finishing. In addition, all products are delivered to you free of charge and most of them are able to ship the following day.